Frank Baines

Choice of Saddle is Critical to the Partnership of Horse and Rider

Award winners for the best made saddle 1979, 1980, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1993 & 1995

Frank Baines Saddlery Frank Baines Saddlery is a family firm, members of which have connections with the trade going back almost 150 years. The family business continues the tradition and is renowned world wide for its products and their quality.

The company has regularly won prestigious competitions such as Best Made Saddle, held by the Worshipful Company of Saddlers, on no more than seven occasions - certainly more than any other participant and also the best product award at International Trade Fairs such as Spoga and BETA.

By continually receiving awards for excellent manufacture, Frank Baines continues to remain at the forefront of contemporary saddle design on the international stage. Passing on such skills is an art and to recognize this, Frank Baines Saddlery was awarded a national training award in 1991. Frank also became a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Saddle makers, following his appointment as a Freeman of the City of London, and is also proud to be a Past President of the Society of Master Saddlers.

Frank Baines Saddlery has exported to more than twenty different countries throughout the world, achieving praise for his country, his town and his company by winning European Export Awards.

Technology moves on, however, and at the Walsall factory it's not only tradition that keeps the individually made saddles at the top, There is no production line, each saddler is personally responsible for the quality of his product.

The Company has a major input in developing new ideas, and works closely with innovative designers and up to date technology, using the best of today's resources. The choice of saddle is critical to the harmony of the partnership of horse and rider and so, it follows, is the selection of the saddler.

Omni Dressage

Frank Baines Omni Dressage saddle Omni Dressage saddle

Click here for larger image A large molded blocked flap, together with a generous knee block enables the rider to have superior close contact feel in the leg and still allow full support, a "V" girthing system also helps to eliminate movement.

The tree has a deep open wide seat and has been designed specifically to distribute the rider's weight evenly. Designed with a deep center of balance to put you in the correct position at all times and precision engineered for accuracy while still allowing the close contact feel. Fitted with a new Stainless Steel Swing Bar eliminates any bulk under the rider's leg, and freeing any pressure to the horse caused by tight fitting stirrup leathers.

  • Seat Sizes: 17", 17 1/2", 18"
  • Tree Widths: Seven different widths
  • Color: Black Grippy Oiled Buffalo Print
  • Flaps: Short, Regular, Long
  • Panels: Pure White Wool
  • Options: Front Gussets
  • Price: $3300.00

Reflex Jump

Frank Baines Reflex Jump saddle Reflex Jump saddle

Click here for larger image The Reflex Close Contact Saddle is designed to meet the exacting demands of Show Jumpers and Event Riders alike. Frank Baines Saddlery has developed a new close contact saddle that combines two key features essential for today's rider:

1) An extremely soft and comfortable seat allowing excellent balance for the rider
2) The EXP system enabling a greater bearing surface for the horse

The Reflex system has been researched and developed over a number of years and thoroughly tested by several leading competitive riders both at home and abroad, continuing Frank Baines Saddlery's reputation for innovation.

A more softly padded, slightly wider than normal seat, using pure latex foam, allows even more comfort for the rider. Using only the finest French Calf Leather for extra grip and stability in the seat and pads and also full grain solid leathers, that naturally accept oil, in the flaps and skirts.

The EXP System allows a larger bearing surface thus distributing the weight and pressure of the rider from the point. This drastically improves the comfort for the horse, in particular after landing from a jump. A truly superb Close Contact saddle designed for the rider who insists on the very best.

  • Seat Sizes: 16", 16.5", 17", 17.5", 18"
  • Tree Widths: Seven different widths
  • Colors: Ebony Black, Mid Havana, Tawny Nut, Newmarket Tan, Caramel, Buffalo
  • Flaps: Short, Regular, Long Forward
  • Panels: Pure White Wool
  • Price: $2899.00

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