Charlotte's Custom Saddles

Why Ride in a Charlotte's Custom Design Saddle?

We believe our range of english saddles offer unrivalled choice in quality, design and style for the discerning rider. Crafted by a well known saddlery in Walsall, England using only the finest of leathers and materials. 30 years of experience producing products that have made champions at all serious levels of competition throughout the world.

Close Contact - Grandee

Charlotte's Custom Saddles Charlotte's Grandee

Click on saddle name for larger image This saddle is perfect for the rider desiring a little deeper seat. Square cantle and self padded flaps help to set the pace in the hunter/jumper ring or offers just the right support for the bigger fences. White stitching reinforces the rich look and attention to detail. The secure, deep seat makes it suitable for x country or fox hunting as well. Seat sizes from 16 1/2"-19" in fox or sala. Tree sizes from Medium Narrow to 3X Wide if necessary. $2699.00. Flocked with genuine white sheep's wool.

Dressage - Jessica

Charlotte's Custom Saddles Charlotte's Jessica

Click on saddle name for larger image The Jessica is a true winner in the dressage circles. It offers a deep seat, full knee rolls and it has met with constant praise from both riders and the equestrian trade alike. Your options are suede knee rolls and seat or schrumph knee rolls and seat offering you increased grip. You can also opt for the smooth bridle leather if you prefer. Seat sizes from 16 1/2"-19" in black. Tree sizes from Medium Narrow to 3X Wide if necessary. $2699.00. Flocked with genuine white sheep's wool.

All of our saddles are available in many different tree widths. The most popular is the medium modified that is built up on both sides of the wither to accommodate that high withered thoroughbred. THIS IS TRULY A UNIQUE OPTION AND ONLY AVAILABLE WITH OUR SADDLES.

Any of our saddles can be custom "designed to order" at no extra charge. There are numerous alterations that can be done in manufacturing. For example, the gusset can be built up or lowered as required, the panels modified around the points to lift up the front (pommel) of the saddle to accommodate those high withered thoroughbreds, and flaps can be shortened or lengthened. In cases where the bearing area from the points need to be lowered, we have trees with extra long points.

Please call us at 1-800-231-6530 or email us with any questions you might have.