Fleeceworks™ Perfect Balance Pad with Visco Inserts

WAS: $238
Charlotte's Price: $219.50
Savings: $18.50 (7.77%)


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The tactical, seamless placement of the removable inserts give you the tools to maintain the optimum balance of your saddle and experience maximum contact between you and your horse.

Visco Full Inserts - Full inserts will help with more severe temporary fit problems or with horses that are very sore backed. Our older trail companions will also benefit from this option.

Rear Inserts - Made from Plus Foam and stop the saddle from "rocking". The inserts will provide a lift of about 1/2" to 3/4".
  • Versatile, can be used with Close Contact, All Purpose and Dressage Saddles
  • Internal Pockets hold removable inserts for discreet saddle fit corrections
  • Rolled edge for a stylish look
  • Visco elastic front inserts included
  • Rear inserts - optional
  • Machine washable - Universal size - Available in white.
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