Horse Amour Bit Wipes

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Your horse will appreciate the clean fresh taste of a Peppermint bit!

Horse Amour Peppermint Bit Wipes makes the job of bit cleaning easy & portable. These disposable wipes are 100% natural, smell great and have taste appeal for horses � plus they get bits shiny clean and show ready.

Young horses who have been bitted from the start with regular use of Bit Wipes will quickly learn to reach for their bits, having learned that bitting is a treat. A horse who looks forward to bitting is truly a pleasure, and is going to be relaxed from the start, leading to a more intimate contact and connection with the rider.

The wipes are so gentle and refreshing that they're great for wiping around the muzzle and dock area as well, not to mention the dirty hands or faces of riders themselves.

Horse Amour uses only 100% triple distilled gourmet peppermint extract to flavor their wipes - this is the same peppermint extract used in flavoring candy & ice cream - and the fabric for the wipes is from DuPont; they will not tear or leave fiber on your bit. 40 wipes in each container.

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