Boyd Martin Vented Infinity Stadium Jump Front Boot

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  • BASF TPU Outer Shell
  • Vented for Breathability
  • Dual Hardness Strike Guard
  • ARX Dilitant Technology Inner Strike Protection
  • Four Layer Construction
  • Rebound Inner Impact Protection Foam
  • Snap Closure Fasteners
  • The Technology at a Glance

  • Outer Construction

    Majyk Equipe has recently introduced the Vented Infinity Series. These boots feature an outer shell made from German grade BASF TPU designed to withstand the rigors of riding while remaining flexible to move with a horse's natural movement. The dual hardness outer strike guard is carefully engineered so that the raised outer core is strengthened to repel impact while the inner core is slightly softer to flex with the horse's tendons. This allows freedom of movement and helps to protect overheating and inflexibility of the tendon, a leading cause in bowed tendons and suspensory injuries. The addition of vents lined with micro mesh filters help to keep the boot ventilated, allowing vital air flow to the leg. USA brand Velcro® closures are double stitched for easy grip and durability.

    Inner Construction

    Inside the outer strike guard is a secondary defense system. Utilizing ARX dilitant material, the inner strike guard presents a soft foam like structure during normal exercise. When impact is detected, the molecules inside the foam change composition, hardening to form a protective barrier and deflecting energy away from the point of impact. Once the threat has passed, the molecules return to their usual state. The inner liner is made from an eco-friendly non-neoprene bio foam. The foam's composition is soft to the touch with enough traction to help prevent the boot slipping. The foam is naturally breathable but has additional perforations to help heat management. It's anti fungal and hypo allergenic properties make this the perfect choice for for the sensitive horse. Available in one size.
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