Mikmar Full Cheek Snaffle Bit
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    Mikmar Full Cheek Snaffle Bit

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    The Mikmar Full Cheek Snaffle combines the traditional full cheek style bit with the Mikmar double-jointed slanted mouthpiece. This combination provides excellent lateral and vertical flexion. There is little sideward movement of the bit due to the straight bar style cheek piece. This bit offers optimal control with traditional looks. It is to be used with bridle keepers to ensure correct bit position and effectiveness.

    The unique design of the new Mikmar Snaffle bit unites classic looks with superior results. The traditional style cheek pieces are made from the highest quality stainless steel available and are combined with our Mikmar double-jointed slanted mouthpieces. The lightweight mouthpieces are flat and wide and incorporate a copper roller and a low port. The double jointed mouthpiece is comfortably and properly positioned in the horse's mouth for effective results. The Mikmar Snaffle bits offer good control and aid in lateral and vertical flexion and proper carriage. These bits are well-suited for the show ring as well as pleasure riding and present the desired classic snaffle bit looks with optimal results.

    The Mikmar Snaffle Mouthpiece - What sizes does the mouthpiece come in?
    The Mikmar Snaffle mouthpiece is available in four sizes. They are 5" 5.25" 5.5" and 5.75". The fit is similar to any double-jointed mouthpiece, for example, French Link or Dr. Bristol. The 5" generally fits a horse with a smaller muzzle and mouth. The 5.25" fits most horses. The 5.5" and 5.75 are best for larger breeds, for example, large Warmbloods or Draft crosses.


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