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Mikmar Kimberwick Bit
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    Mikmar Kimberwick Bit

    Charlotte's Price: $179.95


    The Mikmar Kimberwick Bit incorporates the traditional Kimberwick style bit with the Mikmar standard mouthpiece. It operates through both direct action and leverage using a curb chain and offers two options for rein placement.

    The Mikmar Double Jointed Low Port mouthpiece offers riders the benefits of a broken mouthpiece, while still using the traditional Mikmar Mouthpiece style. The design of this mouthpiece helps with lateral flexion, and also contours to the individual horse's mouth.

    The Mikmar Straight Mouthpiece - What sizes do the mouthpieces come in?
    The Mikmar Straight mouthpiece is available in two sizes. They are 5.25" and 5.5". Due to the shape of the mouthpiece and function of the bit the 5.25" fits most horses. There is not a lot of lateral movement and no pinching, so for example, a horse that normally fits in a 5" mouthpiece will use the Mikmar 5.25" mouthpiece. This size fits a wide variety of mouth types from large ponies and Arabians to Warmbloods. The 5.5" fits large Warmbloods, for example, a Draft cross with a wide head, large mouth, and thick lips.

    The Mikmar Jointed Mouthpiece - What sizes do the mouthpieces come in?
    The Mikmar Jointed mouthpiece is available in four sizes. They are 5" 5.25" 5.5" and 5.75". They fit similar to any double-jointed mouthpiece, for example, French Link or Dr. Bristol. The 5" generally fits a horse with a smaller muzzle and mouth. The 5.25" fits most horses. The 5.5" and 5.75 are best for larger breeds for example, large Warmbloods or Draft crosses.


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