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The Mikmar Pelhams combine classic Pelham cheek pieces made of high quality stainless steel, and the lightweight mouthpieces are made of the special Mikmar alloy. A Pelham bit offers the rider the use of a snaffle and curb rein simultaneously. The snaffle rein position which is the upper ring, provides direct pressure, aids in lateral flexion and lifts the horse's frame. The lower ring rein position, aids in vertical flexion and activates the curb chain providing leverage when needed.

There are 4 mouthpiece styles and 2 cheek piece size choices. The larger the cheek piece, the greater the leverage on the lower rein position. The snaffle rein pressure does not change with cheek size. Both Jointed mouthpieces have a lower port than the Standard mouthpiece and aid in lateral flexion.
  • The Standard mouthpiece offers the most leverage.
  • The Slanted mouthpiece has a lower port and provides less leverage due to its slanted position.
  • The Jointed mouthpiece provides the most leverage available among the Jointed styles.
  • The Jointed Slanted mouthpiece provides less leverage due to its slanted position.
The Mikmar Straight and Straight Slanted Mouthpieces - What sizes do the mouthpieces come in?
The Mikmar Straight and Straight Slanted mouthpiece is available in two sizes. They are 5.25" and 5.5". Due to the shape of the mouthpiece and function of the bit the 5.25" fits most horses. There is not a lot of lateral movement and no pinching, so for example, a horse that normally fits in a 5" mouthpiece will use the Mikmar 5.25" mouthpiece. This size fits a wide variety of mouth types from large ponies and Arabians to Warmbloods. The 5.5" fits large Warmbloods, for example, a Draft cross with a wide head, large mouth, and thick lips.
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