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The late Frank Evans, inventor of Mikmar Bits and founder of the company, designed the Mikmar Training Bit in 1953. It is well-known for its unique lightweight design, versatility, and excellent results, despite its curious first impression. Frank Evans said that, "because of the way this bit works, you are able to protect a horse's mouth and at the same time get desired results. It sends a clearer signal to the horse, allowing the rider to use a softer hand." The Mikmar Training Bit operates through leverage, with the addition of nose pressure.

Mikmar Short Shank Low Port Mouthpiece Mikmar Low Port Mouthpiece
The Mikmar Low Port Mouthpiece offers the same design as the standard Mikmar Bit, but offers a lower port of 3/4 inch in height. It provides less palate pressure than our Standard Mouthpiece.

Mikmar Short Shank Low Port Mouthpiece Mikmar Curved Low Port Mouthpiece
The Mikmar Curved Low Port Mouthpiece offers the same design as the standard mouthpiece, but provides tongue relief, as the mouthpiece contours around the tongue. It provides less palate pressure.

How the Training Bit Works

As the rider applies pressure to the reins, this unique design disperses pressure to the nose, mouth (bars and tongue), chin and poll areas, instead of to only one focused area. It is to be used with a leather curb strap or a curb chain. The wide, flat Mikmar mouthpiece incorporates a copper roller stimulating saliva production and keeping a nervous or "busy-mouthed" horse pacified. Also, it discourages the horse from putting its tongue over the bit. The Mikmar Training Bit is a useful tool for all disciplines of western riding. It is wonderful for the transition from the snaffle bit to a solid leverage bit and for developing vertical flexion and proper carriage.

The Mikmar Standard Mouthpiece - What sizes does the mouthpiece come in?
The Mikmar Bits come in three sizes: 5.25 inch, 5.5 inch, and 6.25 inch. Their unique design makes it unnecessary to break down the width of the mouthpiece into quarter inch increments smaller than 5.25 inch, (like a snaffle for example). The 5.25 inch bits fit anywhere between medium size ponies, up to large Warmbloods. We do not recommend the 5.25 inch for Small Ponies (Shetland type) or Medium to Large Draft Horses. The 5.5 inch is ideal for very large mouthed warmbloods, but most warmbloods fit in the 5.25 inch. The 6.25 inch mouthpiece is for any size Draft Horse. The design of the mouthpiece and the shanks makes it possible for the bit to work on different size mouths, without any discomfort to the horse or loss of bit effectiveness.
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