Passier PSL All Purpose

Passier PSL All Purpose

WAS: $2630
Charlotte's Price: $2,494.00
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The optimum all-purpose saddle for various uses. The soft knee insert leather is also extended beyond the stirrup bars up to the skirts, to give this saddle its special character. The all-purpose saddle is impressive with its extremely comfortable seat and ride. Seat and knee inserts: Stretch leather.

Features: PS saddle tree, knee rolls, gusseted panels.

About Passier All Purpose Saddles
  • Wide Channel: The channel is always at least 5 cm (2") wide on all Passier saddles. The short sides of the Passier gullet plate ensure an especially large degree of shoulder movement. The horse is not restricted in its freedom of movement.
  • Gusseted Panels: Gusseted panels are standard with all Passier saddles. The wedge-shaped piece of leather is sewn onto the panel leather in the back-third of the panels. Thanks to the increased panel volume, the surface is enlarged and the fit to the horse's back is improved. It is also easier to make changes later if necessary.
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