Pre-Vent® Horse Feeders

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PRE-VENT® horse feeders drastically reduce:
  • Feed Waste
  • Sand Ingestion/Colic
  • Risk of Choke
FEED WASTE - PRE-VENT® horse feeders were specifically designed to slow down a horse's ingestion of feed, with its eight patented compartments located in the bottom of the feeder, that only allow a small portion of feed in the horse's mouth at one time. PRE-VENT® horse feeders will pay for themselves in no time by drastically reducing feed waste. Stop wasting feed and money!

SAND INGESTION/COLIC - Most vets agree that preventing sand ingestion is the best method to eliminate sand colic. PRE-VENT® horse feeders prevent sand ingestion by keeping feed from falling on the ground, which help to keep your horse from retrieving not only dropped feed left on the ground using traditional feeders, but also parasites, dirt and most importantly - SAND!

RISK OF CHOKE -Do you have a greedy eater? The Pre-Vent® Feeders unique patented design prevents excessive gulping or bolting of feed, to help reduce the risk of CHOKE. Keeps your horse's head down and helps eliminate costly feed and supplement waste by allowing the horse to eat in a more natural manner. The PRE-VENT® horse feeder was developed to slow a horse's rate of feed consumption by forcing the horse to concentrate on its eating, only being able to retrieve a few pellets at a time by using his tongue and lips.

The Small PRE-VENT Feeder (black or pink) is made of heavy-duty polypropylene with a UV protectant and features a patent pending combination of five (5) angled compartments and six (6) smaller cups. At just over 12" tall and 20" in diameter and weighing in at less than 4 pounds, it is the perfect fit for smaller stalls and barns with limited space. With its smaller size, light weight, and stack-ability, the small PRE-VENT Feeder tucks away nicely in your horse trailer, so it is also a great choice for competitive horses and trail horses on the go. The Small PRE-VENT Feeder is the perfect horse feeder for just about every situation.

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