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Charlotte's is pleased to offer all our customers a selection of personal and custom services. If you have a difficult to fit horse, torn turnout blanket or blunt clipper blades, we can help. Choose from the following list of services:

English and Western Saddle Fitting

We are more than happy to have our knowledgeable saddle fitting experts assist you in determining the best English or Western saddle for you and your horse. We can either come to your barn or you can haul the horse or horses to our store. Please call 800-231-6530 or 281-351-1705 for a price, or email Bill b.grace@charlottes-saddlery.com.

Blanket Cleaning and Repair

Peggy's Horse Blankets picks up and drops off at our store in Tomball, or you can contact them directly for pick up service. 832-364-5358 PeggysHorseBlankets.com

Custom English and Polo Boots

E. Vogel Bespoke: Vogel boots and shoes are manufactured by the finest craftsmen in the world, of the very best materials available. Their clientele and dealer system extend throughout the United States and abroad. Leading riders, The United States Equestrian Team, and most of the foreign equestrian teams, all ride in their boots.
Dehner Boots: The Dehner Company has been working non-stop to provide the finest quality riding boots, patrol boots, military boots and leather products available. Not only have they succeeded in creating a global following, but The Dehner Company continues to build every boot and shoe by hand, just as was done over a century ago.

Clipper Blade Sharpening and Repair

Sharper Solution sharpens all types of clipper blades, from small animal blades to large horse blades. They sharpen surgical grade shears and clipper blades. They offer two types of sharpening techniques for high quality scissors, which includes a professional razor-edge sharpen for more expensive shears, or simply for your favorite set! They also offer a cost effective, basic sharpen. Maintenance and repair services are also offered for all your industry equipment. 10649 Haddington Ste 130, Houston, Tx 77043 832-754-2625 (Mobile Unit) or 281-813-3366 (Shop)

Custom Tack Room Accessories Including:
  • Tack Trunks: Made in California, these trunks are available in walnut, cherry, or ebony finished wood or in custom vinyl panels that match your set up over the wood boxes.
  • Tack Trunk Covers: Protection and style for your trunk, available in 3 fabrics with multiple options like padded tops, zippers, and moisture barrier for additional water resistance. Covers are always a great addition to protect all your trunks and keep them looking new for years to come.
  • Bridle and Saddle Racks: Saddle and bridle racks by Burlingham Sports and Horsefare.
  • Stall Guards: Artists and craftsmen with years of experience and pride produce traditional vinyl products with your custom logos and colors.
  • Nameplates: Engraving by Phoenix West and The Engraver. Both companies provide many styles of tags, plates, signs and even personalized dog collars to satisfy the needs of any animal enthusiast.
  • Show Draperies: Add a level of recognizable brand identification to your show barn with our Equitex stall drapes and awnings. From name banners and hanging panels to saddle dust covers and blanket bags, Equitex brings you the highest quality of custom stable accessories.
Let us know if what you require is not on the list and we will be happy to "source a service" to remedy your ride!